My Dirty Secret

I get this question ALL the time. It is usually after the sick and twisted game I play with people. Either they know I go to school but don’t know me personally or know me casually but don’t know I go to school. When I casually interject the fact they don’t know, I love to see the expression on their face. I know it’s a little twisted, but hey, I don’t have much time and need to get my jollies somewhere.

The question….How do you do it all?! Today I will let you in on a secret. I don’t. Kelley over at The Grant Life inspired my confession time.


1. Sometimes I go back to bed after the older 3 have gone off to school.

2. Usually my kitchen isn’t clean when I go to bed. Sometimes, even the next day it doesn’t happen…ssshhhh

3. Sometimes Dora babysits my youngest.

4. I believe in child slave labor uuhh I mean chores.

5. I don’t always make my bed.

6. I let my mother-in-law plan parties

7. My hubby is responsible for dinner and laundry

8. I usually bite off more than I can chew, freak out, then have to back pedal.

9. If plans change, I need 5 mintues to freak out before I can change course

10. I constantly long for quiet solitude.

What’s your confession?

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