Crazy Halloween Candy EVERYWHERE!

I am curious. How do you handle Halloween candy in your house?


This is how it works in our house. I let my kids ravage their buckets the next day. I want them to eat it all within a couple days. Sounds crazy I know! Here’s my thinking. For one, I don’t want the temptation of candy hanging our house because it will um, uh “mysteriously” disappear during the day while the owners are at school. I also h-a-t-e the asking and begging for just one more piece. I say, get it all done and over with! This causes them to be over candy for a while and eat healthy because their poor stomachs hurt. This reminds them why we eat the way we do. Lastly I look like an awesome mom because I let them eat what they want for a brief moment. It’s a win-win all around.

What do you do? Do you ration it out? Do you give it to the dentist for noncandy treats? Do you let them ravage their stash? I am very curious!

It’s ok if you think I am crazy, I probably am.Smilie laughing

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