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Getting Kids to Listen

The mini series, “The Slap” starts airing tonight. It got me thinking about parenting. Not that this subject is ever far from my mind. The conversation is about physical discipline with other people’s children. Really that’s just a symptom of a bigger problem. If the main character does this in public to ...Read More

Her Weeping Has Ended

My journey of  liking myself has been long and full of tears. Growing up, I know my parents did their best. I know my mom wanted better for me than she had. Unfortunantely, it wasn’t enough for this tender soul. I feel deeply, express emotionally, am content but never satisfied. This did ...Read More

2 Rules to Control the Control Freak

We all crave some control over our lives. Wether we are 2, 22, or 92, it doesn’t matter. Sure the amount of control and the scope of our environment will be different, but the fact remains. We require some form of predictibility and our own identity. When that is stripped away, we ...Read More

Salute to Motherhood, the Tough Teacher

Why can’t we put being a stay at home mom as job experience? Do people not realize how much talent it takes to nurse a new baby and potty train a toddler at the same time? Or the skill to coordinate 6  people’s schedules? I had yet another situation where my experience ...Read More

10 Reasons Why Anna is the Best Disney Princess

Whose side are YOU on? It is like a discussion of the best Superbowl teams. No joke! Anna? Or are you more of an Elsa fan? Is there any other Disney movie where you have a hard time choosing your favorite lady? My fav is Anna and here is why: 1. Upon ...Read More

The Self-Reflective Bird

The solitary bird on the wire. I have been there so many times in my life in different ways. I have gotten used to and ok with it. Sometimes I have been by myself navigating rough waters. Sometimes I have been the one to stand up all by myself. Sometimes I have ...Read More

Crazy Halloween Candy EVERYWHERE!

I am curious. How do you handle Halloween candy in your house?   This is how it works in our house. I let my kids ravage their buckets the next day. I want them to eat it all within a couple days. Sounds crazy I know! Here’s my thinking. For one, I ...Read More

Befriending the Weird Kid

I was always the oddball who was socially awkward. I liked what I liked and was fine with it. I was never the popular one and even had a time in my life where I had no one to turn to. That’s no joke. I was going through some really rough family ...Read More

Are You A Stereotype?

What does the typical mom look like? If you are like me and most I know, you draw on the experience of your own life. Are we supposed to be that soccer mom driving the minivan with our Starbucks? Are we supposed to be a woman dressed in a business suit kissing ...Read More

You’ve been very, very naughty!

We believe as parents we are raising future adults, we are not merely raising children. This long term vision helps us to be more intentional as parents. We don’t just fly by the seat of our pants hoping our children turn out ok. We take active steps to ensure they have the ...Read More