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New Author, Must Read!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to get back to the simplicity of your roots? If your roots weren’t as simplistic like mine, have you ever daydreamed what it would be like?  Even though there is much that happens in our lives, getting back to what matters is good ...Read More

The Storyteller

I am 1/8 Jewish and the story of the Holocaust is dear to me. It is heart breaking and yet an amazing time of sheer human will power. Amidst this time of mass killing and heartache, we hear stories about the fortitude of those in a devastating place. I could go on ...Read More

There are these places called libraries….

The third Tuesday of the month means party time for the new online book club I joined. Tonights twitter chat will be a nice reprieve from the usual I do while waiting for my daughter’s jazz class to be done. There is also a linky party that is a great place for ...Read More

Cardies, Pumpkin, Routine, OH MY!

Now that the leaves around here have started changing and everyone is back using their brains (me included), I consider this the beginning of fall. I don’t care what the calendar says! I don’t care if we have 88 degree weather! It is fall! This means that: 1. I get to pull ...Read More

Lovely Arm Candy to Flaunt

I have been deathly ill over the last few days. Even for the couple times a year I am sick, I am an overachiever! Never a small cold, but a full blown lay-on-the-couch-and-whine cold. Why do they call it a cold anyway? It is the middle of summer so is it a ...Read More