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What are You Reading?

  This is the third Tuesday of March which means it book club day! This month we are discussing Serena by Ron Rash. Next up is What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty. The questions of the month: 1: What are you reading right now? I am in the middle of Sookie Stackhouse. These ...Read More

Free to be Another Year Older

Another year has pass. I am one number older according to my birth certificate. For many years of my adult life, it has been a deeply personal time. Only within the last few years have I been happy to celebrate it. My teen years were very difficult and in my late teens ...Read More

My New Ink

These beauties are placed over my wrists where Christ was nailed to the cross for me. ME! He loved ME that much! It never ceases to amaze me! The anchor:  In Hebrews 6:19-20, it speaks of God being the anchor to our souls and Jesus going before us. If you know much ...Read More

The Other Side

I saw a saying the other day “The grass is greener on the other side because it is fertilized with more bull..(uummm we will say poop)” I know especially as women we have a problem with comparing. Why is it worse for women? I want to know this! Anyways, we think the ...Read More

Liver on Valentine’s Day?

“Wuv, twue wuv…” We are approaching that wonderous day called Valentine’s Day. So perhaps I am not a romantic, or maybe I am too analytical of a person. I used to wish I had the perfect man on that perfect day. Now that I have the almost perfect man, that day doesn’t ...Read More

The Tornado of Input

Oh, my dear sweet children. I wish I could sheild you from the onslaught of negative you will face in your life! I wish you would never experience heartbreak, or fear. I know we live in a broken world with broken people. This cannot be avoided. Do not let it define your ...Read More

5 Tips to Get Organized

Life gets chaotic. Boy do I know that one! Some days you don’t know if you are comin’ or goin’. I am a full time student studying to be a nurse practioner, I have 4 kids (ages 4-11) and the man, we own a home, and I am a photographer hopeful. Somehow ...Read More

We’re baaaack!

What a last two months this has been! A whirlwind of activity and general craziness. There were finals, winter dance recital, family vacation to the beach, a brother’s wedding in Vegas, an induction ceremony (for the Honor’s Club I am president of) I had to plan and officiate, and not to mention ...Read More

My Dirty Secret

I get this question ALL the time. It is usually after the sick and twisted game I play with people. Either they know I go to school but don’t know me personally or know me casually but don’t know I go to school. When I casually interject the fact they don’t know, ...Read More

Why Fall is Awesome

What I love about Fall: 1. sweaters 2. pumpkin EVERYTHING 3. boots 4. bed is more snuggly comfortable 5. crisp mornings and warm afternoons 6. the pumpkin patch festivities at Bauman Farms 7. fresh homemade applesauce 8. decorating with skeletons is not creepy and weird 9. the beauty of leaves changing colors ...Read More