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She Has Overcome

Mandi over at  originally asked me to write my story for her blog………… This has happened my entire adult life. When people get to know my story, they are astonished. I often hear, “But you are so normal and have it all together!” My response is always a chuckle. My very birth was ...Read More

The Sting of Bitterness

Have you met that person that just gets you down? Everything is negative? That’s what bitterness does. It doesn’t start out as bitterness, it is hurt festered. I have had many occasions in my life to become bitter. At every turn I have refused! I live by the motto, “Why be bitter ...Read More

Add An Apology Letter…

The two inevitables are death and taxes, right? I know you probably think I am going to talk about writing a will. I am not. I am going to let you know you should probably write an apology letter to go along with that will. Pick up your jaw and hang with ...Read More

From Night to Morning

I believe to be the best person you can, you must know yourself. Too often we don’t take the time to figure out why we behave in a certain way. It can be quit liberating to know for instance, the triggers that rile us up. I have read my fair share of ...Read More

Overachieving is Not Confidence

The one thing I wish I had learned earlier in life, confidence. I don’t know if it is supposed to be this way or some people are just blessed with it. Is the point to screw up so much that we figure out who we are and become ok with that? That ...Read More

Voices Really Do Speak

I grew up in tortured silence. I knew if I was committed to a mental facility, that would be it for me. I could not endure another major upset or trauma. It was this silence that caused my issues to reside deep inside until they could not hide anymore and I finally ...Read More

I am Pro-Life and Agree with Plan B

The spiritual part of my life is very deep and a part of my every day. I am a devout Christian. Because I am an independent thinker, I am always trying to find the proof for what I believe. Hardly ever do I accept someone’s information at face value. If I believe ...Read More

My Past Hurts Don’t Matter?!?!

We all love an inspirational story. I think with all the input coming at us, sometimes we get desensitized. I was watching a show that really got me more than usual. I grew up the underdog, therefore that is always who I cheer for. I was watching Extreme Makeover: Weightloss Edition. Usually ...Read More

Success Comes From Stepping Out

Sucess is never accomplished by living in our comfort zone. I have decided to step out of comfort and follow a dream. I have finished the exhaustive list of prerequestes over the past couple years for nursing school. I am supposed to be starting my two choatic years of the hands on ...Read More

My name is Shannon and I am a crackhead…

It’s like being a crackhead trying to get clean. The hard part is I am surrounded by other crackheads who leave their drugs out. That is what it seems. Although my substance may not be so seedy, it is still detrimental to my health. Although it may be easier to obtain, it ...Read More