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Easy Donuts Even Without a Donut Pan

National Doughnut Day?! WHAT?! Does this mean I have permission to eat one of my favorite pastries all day? When I go to the grocery store, I stop by the bakery. Often times, you can find me opening the doughnut case doors, inhaling deeply with my eyes closed, shutting the doors and ...Read More

Yummy Kid-Friendly Protein Pancakes

I am not a morning person. This is no secret in my family. Thankfully my kids have been trained well enough that all I have to do is say goodbye to them. So how in the world do my kids get a decent breakfast you may ask?  Onthe weekends I make a ...Read More

Fall Soup Crockpot Roundup

Fall hit us hard today! All I wanted to do was drink coffee and tea all day with some soup for dinner. Unfortunantely my hubby (our dinner chef) has been putting in overtime and we had a meeting about the town’s new school buildings. I had to scarf down a clean-out-the-fridge-dinner. While ...Read More

Mouthwatering Sourdough Sandwich Bread

Fresh baked bread. Can you smell it? We do on a weekly basis. Did you know making sourdough is super duper easy? All in all hands on time is only maybe 15 minutes for 2 loaves. You can’t even get to the store and back with that much effort! It seems like ...Read More

Menu Monday, April 29

Last week the menu was exactly the same as the week before. I though posting the same thing is kinda boring. This week we have some newbies that I am excited about! It seemed today everything was totally from scratch. I had to grind flour from coconut and almond shreds (leftovers from ...Read More

Is Ghee for Me?

Is Ghee for me? You may be asking what exactly is it? In our western world we know it by the name clarified butter. It has been  used in Indian cooking forcenturies upon centuries. Sometimes I think it is sillyhow things that have worked in other cultures for centuries is new to ...Read More

Menu Monday Success

This week’s menu was a success! Usually there is at least one kids who is not excited about something. This week, they even like MY breakfast! I have decided for this last part of school, I am going to let them eat at school. Thankfully, our school lunches are decent and I ...Read More