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Scrunchy Crochet Leg Warmers

The youngest lil lady has been begging to have some crocheted leg warmers for ballet. I dusted off the hook, pulled out some leftover yarn and whipped them out. This is the pattern I based them on, making a few alterations (of course). I did a few less rows of sc on ...Read More

The Ghost of Failed Projects…..

With the online world, you can’t see my messy kitchen, my makeupless face, or the fact that my daughter refuses to match today. We get to put our best foot forward. Some of the women I follow, I think “damn, they got it goin’ on! Why can’t I.” Then I remind myself, ...Read More

Adorable Crochet Ruffled Skirt

Here is the skirt I recently finished for our youngest. She picked out the colors. It was more work than I was thinking but I LOVE how it turned out! Best of all she loves it and the pattern was free. Here is the pattern I used for the ruffled skirt.   ...Read More