Cardies, Pumpkin, Routine, OH MY!

Now that the leaves around here have started changing and everyone is back using their brains (me included), I consider this the beginning of fall. I don’t care what the calendar says! I don’t care if we have 88 degree weather! It is fall!

This means that:

1. I get to pull out all my cardigans. I am kinda addicted to this article of clothing.

Fall Favorites

Me on the zip line at Bauman’s

2. We get to have fun at the Bauman Farms.

3. My favorite, pumpkin is all the rage.

4. Mornings are crisp and afternoons are perfect!

5. Our family is back into a routine.

6. I get to replenish our canned applesauce supply.


What do you look forward to about fall?

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