Brady Bunch Couch in My Room??

I am following and her adventure with the book 642 Things to Write About by the San Francisco Writers’ Grotto. 

The prompt: #89: Three objects from your childhood bedroom

My Bed

My childhood bedroom was my haven from a large family and some deep hurts. I would spend hours in my room with my nose in a book or playing Barbie’s.

Untitled25Do you remember the couch in the T.V room on the Brady Bunch? Except for different colors, that was the bed I had. It was actually pretty cool. One one side the bed slide into the table which was hollow to make it shorter. I would pull out the bed a little bit, wiggle my way between the table and the bed and make a fort under the table. Sometimes I would scoot out the table a little and make extra room by pulling my bed away from the wall (the back was actually a hidden shelf about half a foot or so deep). It was a lovely hideaway where no one could see me and I could spend hours. That bed wasn’t the best lookin’ thing but it was sooo cool!

Brady Bunch Couch


My Books

My books were my most prized possesions. Anyone who knows me much, knows that is still the case. I had a shelf in my closet that was filled with chapter books. I loved series because you got to know the characters more. I read Mandie, Trixie Belden, Jeanette Oke. I am so excited that my oldest daughter is at the age I get to begin to introduce her to my favorites.


My Homemade Bag

My mother was a sewer and creator. One of my favorite things she made, was a purse/bag. It has a patchworked doll. The arms came together at the top to create a handle. It was about half my height (I am quite short), and wide, perfect for taking things to do while in church. I wish my decription could do it justice. It was really cool! I think I am going to search my parent’s attic for it.


There’s my 3. What are yours?

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