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You know you are a book junkie when a free book is offered and you say yes then ask what it is about. So is the case with Destruction: Book One of The December People by Sharon Bayliss.

I thought I was going to read about the struggles of a family. I had no idea really that magic was involved. These type of books really aren’t my cup of tea. HOWEVER, I can’t wait for the next one to come out! Sharon Bayliss weaves an all to common family upset with the powers of magic in such a beautiful way. It is not cheesy, or childish.

David was a cheating man many years ago that yielded two children. Their mother vanished without a trace and his searching never found them. Now, she has died. Somehow, David has to not only tell his wife he had an affair, but that he has two other children similar ages as his own three. Surprise! His struggle is palatable. Once they have moved in and you expect a plot around this, you get a twist. David learns he is a wizard. Not just a good one, but a dark one. He also discovers that so are his new children.

This is an endearing story of a family’s struggle to put the pieces back together and learn who they really are, the power they truly possess. Somehow, Bayliss creates the feeling you are a fly on the wall and actually witnessing the unfolding of the plot. I sure would have loved to see when they were in a circle each creating their own colored light from their hands.

If you read this book, you will not be disappointed! It will tug at your heart strings, wonder what adventure is next, and keep you turning the page.

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