Do You Ever Experience Sanity?

How to Experience SanityI was walking along and all I could hear was the crashing of the ocean and the wind in my ears. I had a very uncomfortable feeling beginning to brew. I kept asking myself what it was. Was someone following me? Could it be from the conference I just attended? Could it be something in my life that was surfacing? All of a sudden it hit me. It was so hard I was chuckling. Silence. Yes, silence. See for me this is odd, I am a confident introvert. Silence in conversation or by myself does not intimidate me. Why now? All of a sudden why am I uncomfortable with silence? After some dwelling I realized I have gotten so used to the noise of my busy life that I have left the art of silence by the wayside. Yes, silence is an art. These are the conclusions I came to:

  • I need to get back to meditation, even if it is only for a few minutes.
  • I have as always bitten off more than I can chew with commitments to myself and others.
  • I need to take time to relax more
  • I need to set more realistic expectations for my goals

Are you looking for a little sanity in your busy life? Some quiet perhaps?

  • Start with 1 minute of sitting in silence with deep breathing (meditation) and each week increase it by one minute until you are at 5 minutes. If you want to keep going, the more time the better.
  • Take a few minutes on Sunday to plan your week. Figure out what your “big rocks” are such as kid’s activities, exercise, school/job, etc. Then put in your “smaller rocks” such as cleaning bathrooms, that trip to Lowes, if you are a blogger then your blog schedule. I love using Google calendar because I can color code the different aspects of my life and can pull it up on any device.
  • Plan one fun family night a week. More attention to your children causes them to not be so needy.
  • Make a list of the things that drain your energy and a list of what gives you energy. Create a plan to handle the energy drainers and put on your calendar at least one energy creator each week.
  • Give your kids more responsibility to help you around the house. Get them to do some of your chores. You will be amazed at what they are capable of, even 3 year olds! This frees up your time.
  • End each day with a little chocolate!


What do you do to maintain sanity in your house? Do you meditate on a regular basis?

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