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Add a Letter of Apology to Your WillThe two inevitables are death and taxes, right? I know you probably think I am going to talk about writing a will. I am not. I am going to let you know you should probably write an apology letter to go along with that will. Pick up your jaw and hang with me.

This letter of apology should have an age stipulation. Such as only read if I have died after the age of 80, or something like that. Also, it should be written no later than middle age. Now, before you think I am some lunatic, let me explain.

Have you taken care of an elderly person, family member or friend? It’s like we all revert back to being a spoiled 3 year old. God’s humor perhaps? It seems no matter how sweet we were during our prime, we revert back to that moody, demanding  toddler. I have even made my mom promise me she wouldn’t be one of “those”. Of course she laughed and said she would try. Although taking care of my aging grandma has put some perspective on the matter.

Enough about the old people that surround me (much more on the man’s side) and more about this letter. If you have kids, remember that toddler stage? I personally try to block out the whole potty training thing. They are demanding, opinionated, and everything is “mine”. Channel that!

What your apology letter should include:

  • always start with how much you love and appreciate your family
  • apologize for poor money management and the hours they have to spend fixing it (could you imagine a 3 year old with a credit card??)
  • thank them for all the boring hours spent in the doctor’s waiting room and in line at the pharmacy
  • explain how the more demanding you were, it was just because you were becoming more senile
  • say you are sorry for the weird food and gifts your family and friends had to graciously accept
  • let them know you know there were times they just wanted to scream at you but held it in, thank them for that
  • apologize for the crazy demands they kindly obliged to

Always finish thanking them for their love and support. A piece of advice about your will in regards to asset allocation, the one who had to smile and nod the most, should get the biggest chunk.

What would you inlcude in your letter?

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