A Picture of a Microwave?

Why am I showing you a picture of my microwave??

Proof of Inner PowerDo you have your coffee? I want to begin by telling you a wee story about a little girl. She was the hard working first born daughter, but second born in a line of 5 siblings. There was someone important in her life she always tried to impress. All she ever wanted to hear were the words “I am proud of you.” Nothing ever seemed good enough for this important person. Every time this little girl would be proud of herself, that person would list the things that were not right and should be changed. That little girl would become deflated again and quietly cry into her pillow.

This microwave represents that little girl. My husband kept dragging his feet helping me to get it installed. Finally, I called my very handy BFF to help me. We got it mostly done one evening but it was getting late. I figured the last little bit could easily be done by my hubby and I. Instead of him being happy we saved him lots of time, he nitpicked and found fault with aspects of it that he didn’t even know. He was even going to have his friend help him finish it though I was plenty capable of doing the rest. This sparked that little girl!

After a few days I paid my friend the gas money (I was going to buy some bracelets with it), and she came down to help with that last little bit. I am an adult now. No longer am I constrained to the opinions of someone else. I had to prove to myself that I was capable although I was told I was not. Ripping off all of the protective stickers once it was in was an incredible moment for me. I did it! I no longer have to silently cry into my pillow hoping no one will hear. I can conquer!

In the end my hubby profusly apologized and was proud of my accomplishment and fortitude. That little girl was beaming from ear to ear!



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