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Have you heard about the 365 Project? If you haven’t, you take a picture a day for a year. I am an amatuer photographer and want to get better. Also, I want to capture our life then make a keepsake book with it. This is my favorite from this last week. If you want, come follow me at 365project.org.

 Sisterly Love


Along with pictures I have comitted to writing 3 things I am thankful for based on these prompts from the Joy Dare Challenge. It is pretty cool and I think you should take a peek at them. Who couldn’t use a little more gratitude in their day?

My favorite prompt from this last week:

3 gifts shelved

  1. all of my shoes
  2. my 1946 copy of Les Miserable from Aunt Grace’s house
  3. the small American flag

What 3 things shelved are you grateful for?

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