10 Reasons Why Anna is the Best Disney Princess

Whose side are YOU on? It is like a discussion of the best Superbowl teams. No joke! Anna? Or are you more of an Elsa fan? Is there any other Disney movie where you have a hard time choosing your favorite lady?

My fav is Anna and here is why:

1. Upon waking, she looks just like me. No skipping around the house for this girl. No jumping out of bed eager to start the day.

2. The first guy she fell for wasn’t the one. What a great lesson for little girls!

3. She looks great with colored hair. I mean, come on! Does it get any more awesomer?

4. She is spunky and super funny.

5. She can be socially awkward and clumsy. Raise your hand if you relate.

6. She doesn’t find herself in a guy and she even leads him. What a difference from other princesses! Girl Power!!

7. Her enthusiasm is infectious. I can’t be the only one belting out her songs and rooting for her.

8. She is a quirky gal, much like myself.

9. She is o.k being friends with a cooky snowman. How many of us were the awkard person hoping for a super cool friend like Anna?

10. She loves chocolate. No further explanation needed.

Yes! I will ride my bike around the halls with you!

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